We help you design a character

get you hooked on beautiful dice 

Play a Beginner Module with your new

adventure party

Character Sheets, water station, Pencils & Rubbers provided 

$5 upon entry

Limited Spots!

Sign up today and get adventurous!

Have you always wanted to dive in to

the magical and freaking awesome world of Dungeons and Dragons with no pressure?

Frothed over Critical Role and

wanna flex it like Joe?

Or Maybe you just want to have a

good reason to collect beautiful Dice! 

Join us every month at our Home-brew sessions!




Last sunday

of the month

@ Club Charlestown

Our Next Sesh -  TBA

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for all the gear you’ll need to

ready up for your adventure!


Check out our first adventure into

the world of D&d tales of from the yawning portal

We have limited spots available thus we can only cater to those who

sign up online unless advertised otherwise.

This event is for 18 years and older.

we will accept 15 years and up with accompaniment of a parent or carer.

If you have any questions or enquires please contact us.

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